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Interested in applying for a mortgage loan? Simply print and complete our new loan application for primary residence (fillable PDF) -or- secondary residence, investment, or PEL loans (printable only). Please use the corresponding application:

The mortgage loan application must be presented in person at the bank, and cannot be accepted via e-mail. (Warning: e-mail is not secure and sensitive information should not be sent via e-mail.) Our Loan Department will be happy to assist you!
In addition to the completed mortgage loan application, to better assist you in the application process, the following checklist items may be required:
  • Copies of most recent, and up to three (3) years
    • W-2(s)
    • Federal Tax Return(s) | With Schedule(s) C, E, and/or F
    • Corporate Tax Return(s)
  • Copy of most recent, and up to two (2) Pay Stubs
  • Other Income Verification
  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned | With Rent Roll/Terms/Contract(s)
  • Business Debt Verification
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of most recent, and up to three (3) months Bank or Other Statements
  • Copy of Signed Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Land Survey with Legal Description and/or
  • Copy of Deed and/or
  • Copy of prior Title Insurance
  • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy with Premium Amount
  • Copy of Land Contract
  • $450.00 Check for Appraisal Fee (following receipt of disclosures and our receipt of your intent to proceed)

Additional Construction Loan checklist items may be required:
  • Copy of Signed Contract with Builder | With Draw Schedule
  • Copy of Blue Prints and Specification Sheet
  • No-Lien Contract Signed by Builder (Bank Provides)
If you have any questions or problems with the application, please contact us.