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 Your effective rate may be much lower if you take advantage of our partial payment options!

 Unlike the big banks, we allow this service for free and with payment flexibility!

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Loan to
Value Ratio
Secured Financing

Autos, Light Trucks, Boats, RVs, Personal Watercraft,
Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Trailers, and ATVs

2024 - 2022 model years 6.900%
48 months ≤100%

60 months ≤100%

7.400% 72 months ≤100%
2021 - 2017 model years 7.400% 48 months ≤100%

7.600% 60 months ≤100%
2016 - 2014 model years 8.100% 36 months ≤100%
Extended terms for Boats and RVs

2024 - 2022 model years 7.900% 120 months 80%
2021 - 2017 model years 8.400% 72 months 75%
Untitled Collateral

UCC Financing Statement 12.990% 24 months 75%
Unsecured Financing
We are not currently quoting unsecured financing loan rates.
  • All advertised rates are subject to credit approval. Your rate may vary based on credit score. Credit scores less than 670 may result in a 0.75% rate adjustment.
  • Loan to value ratios are based upon retail price and/or the J.D. Power Pricing & Values. Subject to credit approval.
  • Older model years than those listed are subject to consideration and a 2% rate adjustment.
  • Commercial-use collateral is subject to consideration and a 1% rate adjustment.
  • A ¼% rate reduction is available with automatic payment from a First Federal deposit account.
  • Full-coverage insurance is required for the financing of all collateral.