WHAT IS IT?     NetTeller Internet banking has two features: Home Banking and Bill Payment.  These features will allow you to view current information and make transactions at your convenience saving you valuable time and postage.   Benefits of using NetTeller include:

                           Home Banking                Bill Payment
                           • view real-time account information                • make customized payments
                           • make funds transfers                • pay bills electronically
                           • view/download statements                • pay bills via paper check
                           • enter stop payments (a fee applies)  

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?     NetTeller Home Banking and Bill Payment are FREE!   There is no set-up fee, monthly fee, or transaction fee.   You get unlimited use of NetTeller!


HOW DO I USE IT?     NetTeller Internet banking is easy to use!   Follow these steps to get registered and if you have any questions while using it feel free to contact our NetTeller representatives via e-mail, or give us a call.   You may also stop in at any time during normal business hours for personal assistance.


1.        See one of our Customer Service staff to get registered for NetTeller.   They will provide you with a NetTeller ID and PIN.


2.        Please note: Our website is best viewed using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser.  Apple Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.), Google Chrome,  and Mozilla Firefox users may be unable to access NetTeller via this web page, as the “Yes, I accept this Agreement.” check box may be unavailable.  HOWEVER, these users may access NetTeller directly.  Please see our Customer Service staff to sign the Agreement.  You will then be provided with direct NetTeller access.  (Please see this August 8, 2013 release from NetTeller identifying their supported browsers.)


3.         Click on our NetTeller link.   Our Internet Banking Disclosure and Agreement will appear.   Please read it carefully…you must accept the terms of our Agreement in order to use NetTeller.   To do so, click the “Yes, I accept this Agreement.” box at the bottom of the Agreement.   Once you have accepted the Agreement you do not have to view it in the future.


4.        Upon accepting our Internet Banking Disclosure and Agreement the NetTeller login screen will appear.   You will be prompted to enter your NetTeller ID and PIN.

WHEN CAN I BEGIN?     See one of our Customer Service staff to get registered for NetTeller today!